De Architectura

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“Well building hath three conditions: firmness, commodity, and delight.” 1

De Architectura responds to the Vitruvian principles of architecture first laid out in the publication of the same name written by Marcus Vitruvius, a Greek Architect, and engineer in the 1st century BC. These principles state that a building should exhibit the qualities of strength, functionality, and beauty.
Working from my own archive of domestic architecture images (2016-18, medium format film), this series presents arranged compositions that investigate these fundamental principles through the lens of current Australian domestic architecture.

Are these 2000-year-old architectural principles still valid in suburban Australia? And if so do they constrain us or do they free us from conventional architectural practices?

1  Marcus Vitruvius, De architectura (H, Wotton, Trans.) 1st Century BC.

Utilitas? 1, Arranged digital inkjet prints, 50x50cm.

<> series currently in development <>