A- Glenrock/Burwood Beach*

B- Coal Loader (no coal)
C- Coal Loder (coal)*

D) Coal Ship

E) Bar Beach 1

F) Bar Beach 2*

G) Bar Beach 3

H) Nobbys Beach 1*

I) Nobbys Beach 2

J) Merewether 1*

K) Merewether 2*

L) Redhead

M) Belmont*

N) Throsby Creek (Carrington)


AA) Ships

BB) Newcastle Beach 1(similar to the large foyer print but shot seperatly)

CC) Newcastle Beach

DD) Bar Beach 1

EE) Bar Beach 2

FF) Nobbys Beach

GG) Newcastle Harbour
*I’m waiting back for a high resolution scan of this image. It may or may not be suitable to use